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List of labs

1     Agency of Cosmetic Safety & Efficacy Evaluation2     Andrology Laboratory3     Animal Experimental Center4     Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence-based Medicine Research Center5     Clinical MR Research Center6     Clinical Research and Evaluation Unit7     Department of Infectious Diseases and Vaccine8     Department of Medical Genetics9     Department of Orthopedic Surgery(Research Center)10   Division of Digestive Diseases11   Hematologic Research Laboratory12   Huaxi Centralized Biobank13   Institute of Digestive Surgery14   Institute of Urology 15   Key Laboratory of Transplant Engineering and Immunology16   Kidney Research Institute17   Laboratory of Anesthesia and Cirtical Care Medicine18   Laboratory of Biomembrane & Membrane Proteins19   Laboratory of Cancer Biotherapy State/National Key Laboratory of Biotherapy20   Laboratory of Cardiovascular Diseases21   Laboratory of Clinical Nuclear Medicine22   Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacy and Adverse Drug Reaction23   Laboratory of Endocrinology and Metabolism24   Laboratory of Ethnopharmacology25   Laboratory of Experimental Oncology26   Laboratory of Geriatrics27   Laboratory of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine28   Laboratory of Liver Surgery29   Laboratory of Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer30   Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology31   Laboratory of Molecular Target Therapy in Oncology32   Laboratory of Molecular Target Therapy in Oncology33   Laboratory of Molecular Imaging34   Laboratory of Neurology35   Laboratory of Non-Human Primate Disease Modeling Research36   Laboratory of Oncogene37   Laboratory of Pathology 38   Laboratory of Psychiatry 39   Laboratory of Pulmonary Diseases40   Laboratory of Rheumatology and Immunology41   Laboratory of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering42   Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology43   Laboratory of Ultrasound Imaging Drug44   lnstitute of Neurological Disease 45   Molecular Medicine Research Center46   National Chengdu Center for Safety Evaluation of Drugs47   Neurosurgery Research Laboratory48   Precision Medicine Center49   Regenerative Medicine Research Center50   Research Core Facility51   Research Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences52   Thoracic Surgery Research Labouratory53   Tumor Targeting and Immunotherapy Lab54   West China Biomedical Big Data Center55   West China-Washington Mitochondria and Metabolism Center