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Young Anesthetist Takes Online Assessment Held by European Society of Anaesthesiology
2016-04-12 16:26:34

On April 8th, 11 senior residents from Anesthesia Surgery Center of WCH had an Online Assessment held by the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) in the Clinical Skills Center’s multi-media classroom for the first time.
   The 3-hour-assessment was conducted in 23 countries at the same time. It had two parts: basic knowledge and clinical application. In each part, there were 60 multiple-choice questions related to pharmacology, pathophysiology, clinical anesthesia management and so on. To know better about the effect of standardized training of anesthesia residents, ESA has developed an On-Line Assessment(OLA) which aims at assessing anesthesia residents’ ability of mastering medical knowledge and technology since 2012.Through OLA, anesthesia residents are able to find out how well they know about their specialty so as to inspire themselves to learn better. Supported and promoted by Prof. Liu Jin, director of Anesthesia Surgery Center of WCH, Chinese Medical Association Commission on Narcotic brought the OLA system into China in 2016. They expected the system to complete and improve the standardized training system as well as integrate the system with international appraisal system for anesthesia residents. European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) puts a high value on this first OLA in China. Dr. Sue Hill, designer of the OLA system and chairman of the examining committee of ESA, had come from the United Kingdom to West China hospital to assist and supervise the whole test procedure. Higher requirements were raised to China’s standardized training centers and anesthesia residents because of the introduction of the On-Line Assessment of European Anesthesia Residents. Prof. Liu Jin claimed that they are planning to accept doctors from other domestic hospitals to register and take the OLA next year and to establish a complete evaluating system for domestic anesthesia residents on that basis.

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